Frog Princess Celebrates Arwen’s 7th Birthday!

Thank you to Arwen and her WONDERFUL family for having the Frog Princess celebrate a 7th birthday!

Hatter and The White Queen had a wonderful time with The Buzz Girls!


Thank you to The Buzz Girls for having us enjoy the celebration of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland release on dvd with special guest of honor Jennifer Todd, Executive producer of the movie! A GIANT thank you also to Lisa Rose for her incredible photographs of the event! Here’s just a few amazing photos! See [...]

True Enchantment gets Honorable mention from AOL reporter!


Traci Hines and Lisa Fabio of True Enchantment were honored to transform into the Mad Hatter and White Queen for a special dvd release party held by the Buzz Girls in honor of Jennifer Todd, the executive producer of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland! Thank you to Staci Layne Wilson from AOL news for the [...]

Always looking for her Beast, welcome Beauty!


Welcome Beauty to our growing list of characters!

The Frog Princess has her Lily Pad Dress!


The Princess and the Frog come to True Enchantment!


Welcome Princess!

TEE gets a rave review! “True Love’s Kiss Breaks The Spell”


Thanks to Jesse for the fantastic blog posting about us!

TEE is featured in FABU by ICY!


True Enchantment has been honored with a fantastic review and article in the new blog post by ICY on FABU! Check it out!

“Princess For Hire” a Fantastic article about TEE


Came across the most lovely article about True Enchantment and our Executive Princess Traci Hines on “Hubpages” today! Thank you so much to user Glimmer515 for the raving reviews! Here is a link to the article! Princess For Hire!!!

The Little Mermaid Sings “Kiss The Girl”

Kiss The Girl Video

Watch our executive princess Traci Hines do one of The Little Mermaid’s favorite songs in our new Little Mermaid Day dress!